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One by One is an organization that was created by a group of concerned citizens to ensure the responsible use of property and land in Holland Charter Township and adjacent townships. This group was created in order to give a voice to the citizens in order to maintain the value and integrity of our community

Funding Phase 2

The best estimate for total expenditures is approximately $ 25,000. With our hearing on standing on Monday July 21, we are hoping to raise the remainder by Friday July 18.


We talked about funding in two phases. The first was to investigate our options and then to file our appeal. The second phase is to research and develop arguments for our appeal along with oral arguments at the court appointed hearings. We are now entering the second phase and contributions will be needed to continue this process. You can donate either by stopping by Macatawa Bank and making your deposit to the One by One organization or you can donate online.

As always, continue to look for opportunities to share our cause with others who may be willing to partner with us in this process. One by One will also explore various fund raising efforts to help fund our expenses. Please direct your suggestions to

For more information please email One by One at:

How Can You Help

  1. Be present at the Holland Charter Township Meetings. The Township makes decisions that also affect adjacent communities (dates posted on website).
  2. Make a habit of reading the minutes for your township to stay educated on what is being decided for you in your community.
  3. Support the efforts of “One By One” with financial contributions and personal involvement using your strengths to build a stronger community.
  4. Tell your friends and neighbors about these efforts to raise awareness.

Sign the petition!

Our hearing on standing was held yesterday in the Ottawa County Circuit Court in Grand Haven Michigan. Thanks to those who took time out of their day to attend the hearing. The Judge, opposing attorneys, and the township official attending the hearing noticed the presence.

The oral arguments regarding our ability to have "standing" resulted in the Judge indicating that he will issue his ruling in 10 days. No doubt the community interest and media attention had an impact on this decision. He also wants to make sure that his ruling will stand against an appeal from either side.

Our Attorney highlighted to the Judge that it is within his right to send this decision back to the planning commission to take another look at this development. The Judge commented that this is an option he could choose. We have begun an online petition in hopes of this outcome. If you haven't had an opportunity to sign this petition please do.

One by One is committed to continue to work to reverse this decision. We need YOUR help to continue this process.

Proposed Development at the intersection of Adams/16th Street and 96th Street (by I-196 ramps)

Large 12,000 sq. ft. primary retail building
- Country store
– McDonalds
– Chester’s Restaurant
8,000 sq. ft. Tire Shop
Weigh Station
Showers and other amenities for truckers
Three drive-ways
Vehicle (12) and Truck (8) fueling areas
Open 24/7
- Light Pollution will be visible for ¼ mile
69 semi-truck parking spaces (for long-term use)
Snow storage area
Estimated 300-350 trucks and 600-700 cars per day
13 Acres of land
3 Non-use Variances for signage
- Exceeds the maximum sign height by 50 ft. for a total 75 ft.
– Exceeds the maximum sign area by 485.23 sq. ft. for a total of 517.23 sq. ft. (digital sign changing every 6 seconds)
– Exceeds the maximum size for direction signs by 6 sq. ft.
- Sign will be digital, rotating ads every 6 seconds
site plan